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Michael Wilkinson

Michael Wilkinson Acrylic Sculpture

If you are an artwork enthusiast, then you most definitely have heard about Michael Wilkinson sculpture. These sculptures are unique, admirable and captivating, combining the human form with abstract. Resonating with and affirming the highest yearning of the human spirit, they are the true reflection of the 21th century romantic art. Sensual and glamorous are perhaps the best words to sum up his artwork. For those who do not know much about Michael Wilkinson, he is another great artist born in California whose knack for sculpting manifested in the late 1970s when he started his artistic career in New York. Today art enthusiasts describe him as an individual with an extraordinary ability to romantically recreate the human form in glamorous carving using various materials including bronze and cast acrylic.

What Makes Sculptures Unique?
His artworks are a blend of figurative and abstract forms, a fusion that he enjoys creating and to which clear acrylic is beautifully suited. He can start out with clay, a lump of earth and end up with an ethereal masterpiece infused by light. A great aspect of acrylic sculpture is that it is clear and has an interior; a fourth dimension that lets you to look into the artwork. This characteristic gives the greatest challenge in working with this unique material since the original sculpture model is plaster or opaque clay. Wilkinson says that when creating the model, he has to envision through the clay what is going on inside the work. He must imagine the reflections and refractions as they will appear in the final clear masterpiece. Because of this, Michael Wilkinson artist is one of the few artists across the globe with a unique combination of talent and skills as this is not something that every sculptor would have the ability to do. Coming up with a sculpture such as this is not a walk in the pack it is almost comparable to rocket science.




Most artworks are carved from bronze or other traditional materials which do not offer much in terms of quality and desirable characteristics. Cast acrylic, the material which Michael Wilkinson sculptures are sculpted from has got very many characteristics that make it superior to its regular counterparts in numerous ways. Even though there are a lot of artists who use materials other than this, claiming to provide comparably high quality masterpieces none of them can actually match up to Wilkinson's art. For people who are looking for quality, style and a lot more, it is safe to say Michael Wilkinson art is the answer.


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  1. Crystal Fire by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture
  2. Discoveries (2009) by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture
  3. Elysium I: World Within by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture
  4. Forever (2008) by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture
  5. Future Fragment
  6. Imagine


  7. Interiors by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture


  8. Journey by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture


  9. Lightfall by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture


  10. Lodestar by Michael Wilkinson acrylic sculpture



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