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Dr. Seuss Art - Sold Out Editions

We stock several sold out editions of Dr Seuss art.


Featuring a complete Collection of Sold Out Dr. Seuss Art

The following editions sold out and no further pieces will be produced.
Jean Stephen Galleries, as one of the first Authorized Dr. Seuss dealers, has several pieces in stock and is pleased to offer them to the public. Call for current prices and for those not listed.

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A Prayer for a Child  - Available.

A Man Who Has Made an Unwise Purchase - Available and in the gallery.

After Dark in the Park-Available and in the gallery.

An Alley Cat for a Very Long Alley-Available and in the gallery.

The Art of Dr Seuss, Trade Edition Book-Available.

Artist Worrying about His Next Book-Available and in the gallery.

Cat From The Wrong Side Of The TracksBlue Green Abelard Sculpture-Available.

Cat Carnival in West Venice-Available.

The Cat From the Wrong Side of the Tracks (shown right).-Available.

The Cat in the Hat, Maquette, Bronze-Available and in the gallery.

The Cat That Changed the World-Available and in the gallery.

The Economic Situation Clarified-Available.

Elephant Presenting a Flower to a Bird-Available and in the gallery.

Every Girl Should Have a Unicorn-Available.

Fooling Nobody-Available and in the gallery.


Golden Girl-Available

Green Cat with Lights-Available and in the gallery

The Grinch, Maquette-Available.

Grinch, If I Can't Find a Reindeer, I'll Make One Instead!-Available.

Grinch at Mount Crumpit-Available.

Hop on Pop-Available

Horton Line Drawing-Available and in the gallery.

I Am Sam-Available and in the gallery.

I am the Lorax, I Speak for the Trees - Available and in the gallery.

I Dreamed I Was a Doorman at the Hotel Del Coronado-Available.

I’d Love To Go To the Party-Available.

Indistinct Cat With Cigar-Available.

Joseph Katz and His Coat of Many Colors-Available.

The Lorax Book Cover-Available and in the gallery.

Martini Bird-Available and in the gallery.

Mulberry Street Unicorn sculpture-Available and in the gallery.

My Petunia Can Lick Your Geranium-Available and in the gallery.

Myopic Woman-Available

Oh, the Stuff You Will Learn!-Available and in the gallery

Pink Tufted Small Beast in a Night Landscape-Available.

A Plethora of Cats-Available.

A Plethora of Fish-Available and in the gallery

A Prayer for a Child-Available.

Relaxed in Spite of it-Available.

Say! I Like Green Eggs and Ham!-Available.

Secrets of the Deep Deluxe Book including Octopus and Dillemma Fish prints-Available and in the gallery

Self Portrait as a Young Man Shaving-Available and in the gallery.

Semi-Normal Green-Lidded Fawn-Available and in the gallery

Singing Cats Graphic and Deluxe Book-Available and in the gallery.

Star Belly Friends-Available and in the gallery.

Ted's Cat-Available.

Thing One and Thing Two-Available and in the gallery.

Tower of Babel-Available.

Tufted Gustard Sculpture-Available.

Two Horned Drouberhannis-Available.

Venetian Cat Singing Oh Solo Meow-Available.

Wisdom of the Orient Cat-Available and in the gallery.

Explore Seuss ...   ● Dr. Seuss Artist's Page   ● Dr. Seuss Current Editions    ● Dr. Seuss Biography