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Eight original etchings by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606 - 1669) are now available for the first time in nearly one hundred years - - the Millennium Impressions. Rembrandt, deemed "The Master Etcher" by art historians, needs no introduction. Rembrandt’s etched works of art are recognized as the most distinguished body of work ever created by any artist in this medium.

Despite the passage of three hundred years since his death, the genius of Rembrandt’s etchings continues to capture and hold our feelings and imagination. Rembrandt’s art captivates us because both the joy and despair Rembrandt experienced in his life are reflected in his etchings - - the medium of art Rembrandt loved and used to communicate his art to the people. Rembrandt’s rich masterpieces still confront and communicate to us today, and remind us that no artist in history has approached Rembrandt’s mastery of etching.

While the new millennium is cause to celebrate the future and the dawn of a new century, it also offers us an opportunity to honor those artists that profoundly influenced art history. Rembrandt reigns as one of these few artists.

Rembrandt Artist
He was born July 15 1606 in Leiden, Netherlands. His full name is Rembrandt Harmerszoon van Rijn. He was a 17th century Dutch painter and etcher during the Dutch Golden Age.

He studied art under two well known masters. The first was Van Swanenburgh who taught him about the basics and painting light reflections and fire. The second teacher was Pieter Lastman. He taught Rembrandt about painting biblical scenes and mythological ones. He focused mainly on using light and shadows.

As Rembrandt artist developed his painting skill he did many self portraits. The paintings were not large at this point in his life but he did pay attention to detail. If you purchase Rembrandt art do look for his self portraits and how they change over the years.

He married his spouse Saskia and had two children. His son was Titus and his daughter Cornelia. He continued with his painting focusing on having a central area of light in the center and dark areas surrounding it on most of his canvases. This is demonstrated well in the "Peter and Paul Disputing " painting.

In 1628 he started to teach students the Rembrandt art style. And over the years he taught fifty or more talented people how to paint. In this Amsterdam period he began to paint larger paintings of scenes and many portraits of other people that were commissioned. Even though he was a very skilled artist he had difficulty with getting portraits to look like their owners. This was hard for him and so he returned to painting biblical scenes. The Rembrandt art value of these portraits is very good at the time. The original subjects are no longer around to compare it with and the paintings are beautiful.


At this early point in time if you saw Rembrandt art for sale it would draw a huge crowd. His paintings were very well received and appeared in many art collections of the time. However, there was a dark period that should be mentioned. His painting " The Night Watch" was not well received by the person who commissioned it. This put him into a great depression and his painting output diminished. This also coincides with the death of his cherished wife. Many people felt that this influenced his ability to produce his popular paintings. Because of this his popularity started to wane and he almost faded into obscurity. Having the Night Watch rejected affected him deeply.
And currently the Rembrandt art market is very popular. Copies of his works of art sell well and some are favorites such as " Girl with a Broom". When you see the variety of Rembrandt art for sale you will want one for yourself. The way he evokes a mood with his creative use of lighting is amazing.
Rembrandt died on October 4th 1669 leaving behind his two grown children Titus and Cornelia and a legacy of his paintings. The artistic skill that it took to paint these masterpieces is noteworthy. If you are lucky enough to see the originals in person take the time to truly see it.

Rembrandt’s etchings are as rare as they are beautiful, and we invite you to take advantage of this limited once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - - the opportunity to own eight original etchings recently printed directly from Rembrandt’s copper etching plates. We are confident that Rembrandt’s timeless works of art will become a treasured part of your home, office and fine art collection. A remarkable opportunity awaits you... own an original masterpiece by Rembrandt!

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  1. Artist's Mother with Hand on Her Chest by Rembrandt etching
  2. Bust of a Man Wearing a High Cap by Rembrandt etching
  3. Christ and the Woman of Samaria, Among Ruins by Rembrandt etching
  4. Landscape With a Cow by Rembrandt etching
  5. Self Portrait, Drawing at a Window by Rembrandt etching
  6. The Card Player
  7. The Golf Player by Rembrandt etching
  8. The Raising of Lazarus: The Larger Plate by Rembrandt etching

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